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the creative productivity planner
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a little think-time can change your life

Do you have great ideas but lose them all of the time?

Do you work so hard but wonder where all your time is going?

Do you want to be more organized but have so much going on?

Do you feel like you were made for more?

think-time can help you

dream bigger                  get unstuck                 live on purpose

2016-5-6 TT LOGO GRAY Cropped.jpg

Select a product below to learn more.


dream BIG

Get Clarity.  Boost Your Focus.


Create compelling clarity in ways that work with the human mind.


get more time

Do less.  Achieve more.


You don't have to drive yourself into the ground to get results.  


live well

Gratitude.  Life Balance.

Design a life that works for you, your season, and your values.

Start think-time and succeed.

Choose your Product.

Receive your Think TimeTM & how-tos by

e-mail or snail mail.

Receive ongoing support in our private community.

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