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You have important dreams and goals, but you struggle to cut through the noise so you can bring them to life. Well, we believe your dreams matter and it should be easy to get the skills you need to cut through the noise so you can achieve them.


At Think Time, we have developed a neuroscience-based process that helps you build the mental tapestry you need to succeed so you can achieve your goals even in a distracting world.

Don't let distractions steal your time, your focus and your energy anymore. 

Let Think Time Planner help you apply top ADHD performance strategies directly into your life so you can live on purpose and achieve your dreams and goals--even in a distracting world.

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Think Time Planner Slim is like having a personal ADHD performance coach with you while you make your plans.   


It's everything you need to achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world, plus a process that is simple, scientific, and supportive of your unique design.

6.25" x 9.25"

Get access to all of my self-paced Online courses and content to support the entrepreneur with ADHD who wants a holistic system for high performance, and doesn't want to look back with regret in any area of life.


All in all, you want to learn how to use the power of your creative mind to help you achieve your ambitious dreams and goals while staying connected to what matters most.

It's one thing to learn what to do.  It's another thing to do what you know.


Get more specific and customized coaching from Christine in bite-sized actionable pieces over time.

Become a Founding Member  of our new Think Time Community MembershipJoin our community of “like-minded”  ADHD adults to help you not only get results quickly but also receive more personalized support and direction as you  take baby steps toward growth and change in a supportive community with clear direction given from me on what to do when.

and receive bite-sized coaching from me to help you apply the thinking skills you learn to your day to day life.

A gradual approach to change and growth. Become a member to receive small bits of actionable content from me with actionable exercises over time.

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Order planners and subscriptions for your entire team.

How Does It Work?

A 3+ step PROCESS:


Dream big for the future with creative visual thinking exercises.


Get more done in less time through innovative productivity strategies for the ADHD mind.

do + review

Break down your long-term goals into achievable steps & reflect on your progress.

You don't have to leave your dreams behind!

Think Time Planner will help you apply top ADHD performance strategies directly to your life so you can bring your dreams to life.