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"A Conversation with Dr. Alison Cook" 

co-author of Boundaries for Your Soul: How to Turn Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies

What if your overwhelming emotions hold the keys to your success?  

Click the play button below to enjoy the replay of the conversation between Dr. Alison Cook and Think Time co-founder Christine Wilson.  


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Do you control your feelings or do your feelings control you? Many people allow guilt, anger, or self-criticism to dominate their inner lives and adversely affect their relationships. Maybe you’ve tried to deny these aspects of yourself that you don’t like. You might insist, “I need to get over it,” or “I’ve got to stop thinking that way.” But this approach rarely works. In fact, it usually makes things worse. You want to exemplify wholeness, but don’t always know how to bring calm to the turmoil within.

In Boundaries for Your Soul, Christian counselors Kimberly Miller and Alison Cook describe their unique approach for bringing peace to overwhelming emotions and harmony to your inner world.

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