You've got a dream, but you struggle to make it happen.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Co-Founder of Think Time

"You have an irreplaceable purpose to live.  Do what only you can do.  Be who only you can be. Better."

Licensed Professional Counselor and stay-at-home mom, Christine Wilson, had one question on her mind: how could I help people hold onto their dreams a little longer?


She was tired of seeing people put their most important goals on hold, just because they were drowning in the demands of daily life. She wanted to see more people achieve their dreams and goals so they could fulfill their unique purpose on this earth.


Christine understood their struggles. As a stay-at-home mom of three young children who struggled with attention and focus (before kids), she was no stranger to their troubles.


But Christine discovered a neuroscience-based achievement strategy that works to boost focus and results. She used this strategy to grow her company Think Time and homeschool her five kids — all while not sacrificing what matters most.


To help people achieve their dreams and goals, she took her discovery and built a simple 3-step achievement framework and turned it into the Think Time Planner. 


Combining the latest evidenced-based exercises in creative thinking and productivity, Think Time Planner helps you focus on and achieve your important goals—even when life is demanding.  It contains the same framework Christine used to build her company in just a few short years.


People around the world from every age and every stage are now focusing on their dreams and goals in the midst of a distracting and changing world.


You can achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world.  Think Time Products are here to show you how.

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