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You've got a dream & a goal, but you struggle to make it happen.


Licensed Professional Counselor

mom of 6

Co-Founder of Think Time

"I believe in your dreams."

Six years ago, Licensed Professional Counselor and mom of young kids, Christine Wilson, had one question on her mind: "How can I help people hold onto their dreams a little longer?"


She was tired of seeing people put their most important dreams on hold because they were overwhelmed. She wanted to see more people achieve their dreams so they could fulfill their unique purpose in this life.


Christine understood their struggles. As one who struggled with goal achievement and time management her whole life, she knew what it felt like to know you were meant for more but to not be sure how to make it happen.


But six years ago, Christine discovered a neuroscience-based achievement strategy that works to help you dream big, fight distractions and get results. She has used this strategy to grow her company Think Time and homeschool her six kids — all while staying connected to what matters most.


She took her discovery and built an easy to use 3+ step performance process and turned it into the Think Time Planner. 


Combining top evidenced-based exercises designed to support executive functioning and performance, Think Time Planner helps you cut through the noise and achieve your dreams and goals—even in a distracting world. 

People from every age and every stage are overcoming overwhelm with Think Time.


You too can experience increased opportunity to overcome overwhelm so you can achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world. 


Think Time Planners and Courses are here to show you how.

Choose Your Product

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Think Time Planner Spiral is like having a personal whole brain life coach with you while you make your plans.   


It's everything you need to achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world, plus a process that is simple, scientific, and supportive of your unique design.

8.5" x 11"


Online courses and content to support the creative who wants a holistic system for high performance, and doesn't want to look back with regret in any area of life.


All in all, you want to learn how to use the power of your creative mind to help you achieve your ambitious dreams and goals while staying connected to what matters most.

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