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A like-minded community of ADHD Entrepreneurs & Creative Leaders achieving our dreams & goals together.

Coaching by Christine Wilson, LPC
Co-Founder of Think Time

Do you want a complete overhaul of your productivity, but don't have the time? Then, Think Time Membership is for you. In this coaching  membership, I expand on the tools in the planner with weekly 15 minute laser-coaching videos to help you achieve your dreams & goals faster & easier. Then, we gather together once a month for sharing and encouragement.


Let me tell you, 2023 is the best time ever to develop a strategy that works for you to help you achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world!


Imagine how you will feel a year from now knowing exactly how to go for any dream or goal to achieve it faster & easier? If you’re looking for increased opportunity to achieve your dreams & goals, and you want to reflect on your own success story one year from now, the Think Time Membership is here to help to get you there.

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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your happiness with your productivity?

Now, what would you want it to be in 9 months?

Imagine moving from a
3 to an 8 as one member did. What would change for you?

Tour the Membership:

How it works:

  • Receive one new BUNDLE of 4 10-15-minute laser coaching videos each month.
  • Enjoy a community call once a month in which we celebrate wins and review learnings.
  • BONUS: Gain immediate access to the following Think Time U courses:
    • From Chaos to Confidence: For People Who Don't Have Time to Think​​​​ ($297 value)
    • Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes ($297 value)
    • Conquer the Clutter with Christine ($99 value)
    • For a Limited Time: My 8-week course Finding Time. (A $2497 value)

Go from running on empty to purposeful and productive so you can grow your impact.

In this membership you will cycle through 5 stages of growth

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"Think Time helps me be more present in my own life. It increases my quality of life. I don't know how you put a number to that." 

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"Think Time is helping me to get clear on my dreams and my purpose. I don't know how you pack so much value in such small bursts of time."

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"I've lived most of my life living by the seat of my pants-- going from one idea to another. When I started implementing Think Time, it felt like I could truly breathe for the first time in my adult life." 

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