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Introducing: Our Colors Lin

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What is a

Think Time  LifCoaching Planner?

Think Time is a Counselor-Created whole-brain, whole-life coaching process that helps you clarify who you want to be and to create an actionable plan to get there.

The Undated 90 Day Planner includes

  • Mission Statement and Core Values Download

  • 1 quarterly

  • 3 monthlies

  • 13 weeklies 

  • extra thinking tools including a routine worksheet, extra timelines, and concept clouds for expanding your thoughts.

  • lots and lots of notes pages, and free space pages.  

  • 124 pages.

   You Spoke!  We Listened!

Added Features in this new 90 Day Colors Line:

  • 90 Day Timeframe

  • Undated Pages (Start Anytime.  Pick Up Where you Left off.  Never waste a page!)

  • Lay Flat Wire-O Binding

  • 30 minute increments on the weekly think-time

  • A full page spread of "free space" every week for complete customization.

  • Expanded space on the monthly calendars.

  • Easy Start Guide with a Sample Weekly and Coaching Bubbles

  • 24 minute "walk through my Think Time" video.

One Planner 

Four Planners 

  Four Planner(s) +

Intermediate Training Course

One Planner 

Four Planners 

Four Planner(s) +

Intermediate Training Course

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What's the limited time offer again?

8am New Year's Day through noon, Saturday, Jan. 5th.

One Planner 

Four Planners 

Four Planner(s) +

Intermediate Training Course

See you Next Year (tomorrow) at 8am!

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