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How can a little think-time change your life?

For me it's feeling the confidence I have what it takes to get the right things done.



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Think Time has so truly, greatly, and beautifully changed my life…

That I became obsessed with sharing how I went from believing "I'm not a planner" to regularly dreaming big for my life and confidently finding time for what matters most...

But the leap from having no sense of time to making the most of my time didn’t happen overnight. (Well, partially it did.)

But leading up to that “leap” was a journey with twists & turns and a lot of trial and error.

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But was it worth it? 

Well, for me, it was 100% worth it! 


Combining my professional skills in psychology & neuroscience with my personal experience of having no sense of time alongside my deep dives into trying to figure out this productivity thing was one of the best things I have ever done.


With Think Time, I have found a way to "see" time, to fight distractions, and to live on purpose.

But please...don't take my word for it. 

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Here's What People are Saying

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I've spent thousands on ADHD Coaching, but with Think Time I get better results at a fraction of the cost.

Nicole, Executive Functioning Coach

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With Think Time, my house is more organized than it has ever been!  Without it, my weeks feels chaotic and crazy just like they used to. 

Rachel, homeschooling mom of four boys

"For me, Think Time is a game changer. I can see what I have going on. I get such a high return for my investment.

Andy, Engineer with ADHD, TBI, & PTSD

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*Every brain is different. Results will vary based on each person's ability and effort. Some people will experience a lot of growth while others will experience limited effect.



Finally! A productivity program-in-a-planner created with your creative ADHD brain in mind.

You don't have to become someone else to do what only you can do.

Stop buying traditional planners.

Start the Think Time Plan
ner Program today to help you use the thinking skills you need to succeed so you can feel the confidence you have what it takes to get the right things done.
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How Does It Work?




Buy Think Time Planner

Buy Think Time Planner  to start the program so you can learn the whole brain thinking skills you need to succeed.  

Think-Time regularly

Use your Think Time Planner regularly to help you make productivity easy so you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Become a Member

When you are ready to next level your results, join the Think Time Membership.

Opens 2x a year. Opening soon! Learn more


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