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Q & A

Do I have to wait until January or July to start?
No!  Our Think Time Planners are undated so you can start any time you want.  
How do I get my big goals into my daily life?
Each planner is divided into timeframes (yearly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly) so you can gain perspective on your big picture goals & move them into your daily life--all in one place! 
Do I have to give up my current planner?
No!  Because Think Time is the process by which you decide what goes onto your calendar, it can be used by itself or alongside any scheduler you already love.
How does it work?
Each timeframe has embedded in it the research-based  3DR Process.  You will set aside uninterrupted time on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.  Then, you will simply move through the exercises in your favorite place.
How long does it take?
While even 5 minutes of Think Time can change the direction of an entire week, for best results we recommend 1 hour per week, 2 hours per month, 4 hours per quarter, and 1 24-hour time period per year.  
Should I wait until I have more time to start Think Time?
No, that would be like a waiting to start an exercise program until after you've already lost the weight!  Think Time has 9 time-saving exercises embedded in the 3DR Process, so you are sure to get back more time than you invest!
Is Think Time for me?
Think Time is designed for any age and any stage from teens to retirees.  The 3DR Process is challenging enough for the expert, yet accessible enough for the beginner.  
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