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How Does It Work?

set aside uninterrupted time to think about your life...!
you will get more time out of it than you put in.

Envision: What do I really want? Sketch it here.

Clarify: What do I want more of?  What do I want less of?

Prioritize: What are my prize roses?

What do I need to prune?

Focus: What is my responsibility?  

What is not?

Next Level Thinking: How can my ideas be even better?

5 Sense.  What do I want to see, smell, hear, taste, and touch?

Mind Map your "to bes" and "to dos."

You are a human BEing meant to DO great things!

"to be": Consider your inputs--relaxation, recreation, and relationships?

"to do": Mind map your tasks.  Generate and organize your actions with words, pictures, colors, and visual cues.

Filter Your Ideas for Maximum Results Using The Decidere Grid:

Sift to maximize ROI using the tried and true 80/20 rule.

Sort according to timeframe to take action before things become urgent.

Group: Group your action items.

Home.  Errands.  Work.  Relationships.  

Time-slot: Boost your productivity!  Time-slot your actions.

Grow: Take some think time to be thankful.

Customize: Free Space!

Review: Don't make the same mistake twice!  What worked?

What didn't?

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