You have important dreams and goals, so you buy a performance planner.
After using it for a few days, instead of feeling clarity and confidence like you were expecting, you feel defeated and overwhelmed!
What's that about?
Right off, the planner asks you to list your goals.
"I would," you think, "if I knew which ones were the right goals. I have so many ideas!"
"and, how to I keep track of my all of my ideas without losing focus on my current projects?"
"...and, I am so busy and soooo tired. Maybe I should wait until 'life slows down' to think about my dreams and goals. I mean, it slows down sometime, right?"
At Think Time, we believe your dreams and goals matter and have developed a process to help you achieve them--even in a busy and distracting world.
We know it takes thought to get your ideas on paper, to choose the best way to make them happen, and to bring them to reality. But, it is easy to get distracted. That is why Think Time guides you through a proven step-by-step process to help you transform your ideas and goals into actionable steps so you can get results.
Don't wait for life to slow down.
Get your Think Time Planner today, so you can get clarity and
find time so your dreams and goals can happen.

Clarity and confidence.

For the dreamer who wants a holistic system for high performance, and doesn't want to look back with regret in any area of life. All in all, you want a tool that uses the power of your creative, visual mind to help you achieve your ambitious dreams and goals while staying connected to what matters most.

The Think Time Slim Starter Bundle is like having a personal creative thinking + performance coach with you while you generate your ideas and make your plans.  

It's everything you need to achieve your dreams and goals in a distracting world, plus a process that is simple, scientific, and supportive of your unique design.

"How to Overcome when I am  Overwhelmed

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"I can lead with calm and confidence."


"I save money in the long-run."


"I can live on purpose and achieve my goals."





You've bought a million planners...but none of them work for your creative mind. 

"This is the first planner I have ever completed!" - Bekah

If you are a creative or have ADHD, your strength is being open to possibilities, but what do you do when it is time to focus and get things done? 

Have no fear. Think Time is here.  

Think Time is the first whole brain planner designed with your brain in mind to use your creativity to boost your productivity so you can get more of the right things done. 
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Disclaimer: All testimonials are taken to be true, but are not verified in any way. 

1. Dream

Clarify your dreams and grow in self-awareness with creative thinking 

exercises that move you to action.

2. Decide

Choose your best ideas and transform them into actionable steps so you can get results.


3. Do

+ Review

Do your best work over the long haul as you implement top performance strategies in your day to day life.

Appreciate today and make tomorrow great by practicing regular gratitude and self-reflection.