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BUT I'm Exhausted.

a little think-time can change your life

My life has a purpose?

How can I even think about that when I am so overwhelmed?


If this is how you’re feeling, you are in the right place.


If you feel like you’re bouncing from thing to thing...

and feeling exhausted in the process...

think-time can help you

Think Time Purpose Programs include

  • 1 Purpose Planner

  • Self-Paced Online Training

  • Access to a Private Community

  • Ongoing Support


Digital Download Planners

Purpose Planner

Planners & More

The Purpose Programs will help you rise above reacting to day-to-day circumstances.  The yearly programs include guided exercises in one yearly, four quarterly, twelve monthly, and fifty two weekly "think-times."


Each "think-time" guides you through the Dream, Decide, Do, and Review (3DR) Process that is specially curated to guide you to give you your best results.

Each phase supports a type of thinking that is critical for success. These are best completed in order.

In the dream phase of Think Time, you have the opportunity to visualize what you want.  Using right brain creative thinking strategies, you are empowered and encouraged to dream big.

In the decide phase of Think Time, you are guided to sift and sort your ideas to maximize your results.

In the do phase of Think Time, the rubber meets the road.  Now, you bring your dreams to reality.

In the review phase of Think Time, you ask yourself what worked and what didn't and take time to be thankful.

Here is a sample weekly think-time.

You have 168 hours each week.  

One hour of think-time helps you maximize the rest.

A One Hour Complementary Online Training Video course accompanies your Program.
We pack a lot in one hour!  
You may watch and rewatch it at your own pace to get the most out of your course.

Online Training Preview:

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