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THE PLANNER THAT HELPS YOU optimize your thinking so you can...

Move From Chaos to Confidence
Achieve Your
Ideas and Goals
On Purpose

THINK.              GET RESULTS.




Do you have goals that you have not been able to achieve?

Do you feel constantly pulled away from relationships and tasks that really matter to you? 

Do you feel stuck--unable to get to the next level?

What is Life on Autopilot costing you?

When you live your life on autopilot, you never get to the next level.  You waste hundreds of dollars a month due to poor planning.  Your relationships suffer because you are so tired and distracted that you can't be truly present.  Your work suffers because you are so reactive you cannot focus.  Your health deteriorates because you haven't invested in it.  Oh, and that idea you had that would change the world--yeah, that's not going to happen either.

Set aside uninterrupted time to think. Follow the process.


Engage in thinking exercises that help you dream bigger and connect to the heart of what matters most so you can create a clear vision of what you really want.

Apply top productivity techniques directly to your decision making so you can create a clear plan that supports your vision.

Change the world as you live intentionally, nurture your relationships, practice gratitude, and grow in wisdom.

What are People Saying?

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"I've always been good at planning for work, but lousy at planning for home.  Getting into the creative, emotional part of my brain helps me to see my life in a more complete sphere."

Paul Stevens
Executive Director of Exodus.Life

"I feel more satisfaction in my daily life.  Think Time gave me permission to put my kids on my to-do list.  I don't know why I never thought of this!"

-Mary, Pastor's Wife, Mom of Young Children


"Seeing all aspects of my life in one place helps me to gain the clarity I need to reach my goals and stay aware of the needs of my family."  


-Evan, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father


"I love Think Time's quarterly time frame.   The longer-term time frame helps me see that I am getting things done so I can calm down!"​


Professional Artist,

wife and mom to 4

"Success in today's distracting world is no longer about time management.  It is about aligning yourself with your dreams & values - then boosting your focus, energy, and motivation toward your goals so you get results."  
-Christine Wilson, LPC, MABC
Co-founder of Think Time

How is Think TimeTM Different?

Think TimeTM Planner is revolutionary because it helps you optimize your thinking so you can succeed.  With dream-coaching, creative thinking, and mindfulness exercises you will dig out your ideas and get to the heart of what matters most to you.  Then, you will incorporate tried and true performance strategies to help you boost your energy, focus, and motivation toward your goals.  

Think TimeTM is the only tool designed to help you do all of this.

More and more people are now optimizing their thinking so they can get results in a distracting world.  How do you start your journey?  The answer is to buy a Think TimeTM Planner or Course and start today!



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Don't let your days slip away. 

Life on autopilot will only get busier and busier, leaving your dreams, ideas, and goals behind. Think-Time Planner gives you the action steps you need so you can visualize your dreams, create a clear plan, and take effective action so you can live on purpose. 

A little think-time can change your life.

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