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Many people with ADHD have amazing ideas but struggle to make them happen with a happy life balance.  It's frustrating to drive yourself into the ground and still not get the results you want.  At Think Time, we’ve created a process that helps you access the strengths of your ADHD mind so you can live on purpose AND achieve your goals.


you are in the right place

you have a
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Hold onto your dreams a little longer,

 and I will help you  build the skills you need to  succeed.

Let's do this!  

how does it work?

A little think-time can change your life.

How much is it costing you to not find time and focus for what matters most?


  Your time.  Your money.  Your relationships.  


And possibly even your life's purpose.


With a clear vision of your dreams and plan for your goals, you could find hours a day, thousands of dollars a year, and infuse new life in your relationships.*


As you achieve more in less time and continuously renew your energy, you expand your capacity to make the most of the opportunities that life brings your way.

Oh, and your life's purpose?

You can see now--more clearly than ever--that you can achieve it.  

It feels so good to finally be able to focus on what matters most.

*All of these statements are summarized from Think Time user's testimonials and mountains of research on the strategies incorporated. Of course, individual results will vary.

How Does It Work?

A 3 step PROCESS in a planner:

do + review

Connect to the heart of what matters most with creative thinking, visualization and mindfulness so you can boost your focus toward your dreams and goals.

Get more of the right things done in less time by strategically choosing the most high leverage activities you need to reach your goals and overcome your obstacles.  

Fight distraction as you work your clear plan from your routine and calendar. Grow your mindset and overcome obstacles as you review your results and practice gratitude.

"Productivity for the ADHD mind requires more than a words and lines planner.  It requires neuroscience-backed strategies to boost your focus and help you fight distractions so you can cut through the noise of our modern world and get results."

-Christine Wilson, LPC

Co-founder of Think Time

What are People Saying?

Paul Stevens
Executive Director of Exodus.Life

"Focus is an issue for me.  I've always been good at planning for work, but lousy at planning for home.  Think Time Planner helps me get into the creative, emotional part of my brain so I can see my life in a more complete sphere."

"With Think Time, I save money in the long run!"

-Kora, Homeschooling Mom, Volunteer

"Without clarity, a project can sit on my desk for weeks.  With Think Time I gain the clarity I need to move forward on important projects."  


-Evan, Engineer, Entrepreneur

"Think Time helps me calm down!  With the quarterly time frame, I can relax and see that I am getting things done!"​

-Haley, Professional Artist, Homeschooling Mom

* These testimonials represent people who are entrepreneurs or who have ADHD or who are both. 

**Think Time is pivoting to language to build a community around entrepreneurs with ADHD because over the last 5 years, I have noticed this commonality in my "raving fan" base. While people from every age and every stage benefit from Think Time, I have noticed extra excitement among this group, and it makes sense.  Entrepreneurs have to create something from nothing on top of regular responsibilities and need to get more done in less time so they can live on purpose, and people with ADHD need extra neurological help to harness their focus in a distracting world.  If you are not an entrepreneur or don't have ADHD, Think Time is still for you.  You just need a dream and the willingness to learn new things.

How is Think Time Different?

Think Time    Planner is revolutionary for entrepreneurs with ADHD because it helps you use your whole brain to get your best results in all areas of your life.

If you get nothing out of Think Time    but the habit to regularly pause and think about your life so you can get clear about what matters, it would be worth it.


If you get nothing out of Think Time   but thinking skills that will give you the edge in a distracting world then it would be worth it.

If you get nothing else out of Think Time   but skills to channel your time and energy toward what is most important so you can get results, then it would be worth it.

But Think Time   is this and so much more.  Combining evidence based exercises in creativity, productivity, mindfulness, boundaries, and energy management, Think Time is like an ADHD Life Coach in a planner and helps you get your best results in less time than traditional productivity planners.







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You don't have to ever leave your dreams and goals behind again. Think Time Planners and Courses give you the skills you need so you can bring your dreams to life.

Feel confident you are getting the right things done.  Don't let distractions and reactions steal what can find time for what matters most any longer. Buy your planner & start your course today.

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