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Got Time?

You have important things to do, but you can't find the time.

Distractions are everywhere!

Get the CLARITY you need to succeed with Think Time.

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you are in the right place

Think Time is the first of its kind. It is a whole-brain whole-life high performance planning process that helps you use more of your mind to get the right things done in less time. 

It turns out that using all of your brain is a lot better than using just part of your brain while planning.  If you are using words and lines planners, you could be getting better results.


My name is Christine Wilson.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who conducted a successful (pen & paper) neuroscience experiment in my garage, created the First Whole Brain Planner, and now I help people all over the world to find more time to focus on what matters most in a distracting world.

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The Most Neuro-inclusive Planner on the Market 
Think Time filters top performance strategies through a whole brain process, making top tier techniques available to more brains.

 Visualization 1

enhance focus and motivation 

 Mindfulness 2

improve self-awareness

Creativity 3


4 Productivity

get more done in less time

5 Boundaries

protect what matters

6 Mindset

stay ready to pivot

practice gratitude and growth

Get Clarity

Find Time

Get Results

How does it work?


Set time aside to use your Think Time.

If you are not setting aside time to be sure you are making the most of your time, one thing is guaranteed: you are losing time. Think Time is here to help you set time aside regularly to check in so you can be sure you are making the most of your life and your time.  


Move through curated exercises

All of our neuroscience-based exercises have been carefully selected to help you move quickly through the top exercises in purpose, productivity, and performance, ensuring that you receive the most return on your investment. Dream big. Sharpen your focus. Multiply your time. Then, 10x your results.


Achieve Your Dreams + Goals Faster & Easier

Your subconscious keeps 95% of your surroundings  from coming into your awareness. Yes, even opportunities to achieve your goals are missed simply because you haven't taken time to creatively, mindfully, and visually identify them. By taking time to Think Time, you do more than discover your dreams and goals; you also prime your brain to focus on them in a distracting world. This increases your opportunity to experience achieving your goals faster and easier.

Francisca, TX

"Think Time helps me live on purpose and achieve my goals. People think it will be hard, but it is actually easy!"

Evan, SC

"With Think Time I proactively think through the daily demands on my time & how they integrate with my long-term dreams and goals." 

Nicole, TX

"I had spent thousands on coaching, but Think Time really helped me apply the strategies to my life."

Don't let distractions steal your dreams and goals any longer.

It's just wrong for lesser important things to steal time from your most important things.

Start Now

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