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draw your dreams

The First Whole Brain Planner helping you...

so you can

in a distracting world

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"Whatever you are doing, it's working." - Thankful Spouse of a Think Timer

Hello there!

My name is Christine Wilson. By trade and training, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.  I am very excited to be here in this incredible moment with you.  My goal is to transform the way you think about productivity. My company Think Time creates innovative whole brain tools & trainings that produce fascinating results and has been changing lives for 8 years. 

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Get Clarity

Find Time

Get Results

you are in the right place

Life is more distracting than ever before.

It's frustrating to have your dreams and goals on hold while your time is spent on lesser things. 

Your time matters. That is why at Think Time, we have developed a system to help you use more of your mind to get the right things done in less time.

You don't have to feel stressed and busy anymore. You deserve to feel the calm confidence that you have what it takes to get the right things done.


At Think Time, we believe every person is here on purpose for a purpose.  

That is why we are passionate about sharing our unique process that helps more people access top productivity and performance. 

research-based practices
are artfully woven into every dream-planning template. 

Visualization 1

think outside the box & draw your dreams of what is possible

 Mindfulness 2

improve your results as you grow more present & self-aware


4 Productivity

strategically get more of the right things done in less time

5 Energy Management

bring all of yourself as you show up for what matters most 

Creative Thinking 3

get your best ideas on the table & always be ready to pivot

6 Mindset

grow your mindset to reach your personal peak performance 

How does it work?


Set time aside to use your Think Time.

If you are not setting aside time to be sure you are making the most of your time, one thing is guaranteed: you are losing time. Think Time is here to help you get clarity and find time so you can get results.


Move through curated exercises

All of our whole-brain thinking exercises have been carefully chosen to help you get the most bang for your buck with your time.


Achieve Your Dreams + Goals Faster & Easier

With Think Time, you prime your brain to focus on what you want most. This helps you get your brain on your team so you can find opportunities to achieve your dreams & goals faster and easier.

Paul, AR

"Getting into the creative part of my mind has helped me to think big picture. I have grown my nonprofit while becoming the type of father I always wanted to be."

Evan, SC

"With Think Time I feel more aware of the needs of my wife and kids as I proactively think through the daily demands on my time & how they integrate with my long-term dreams and goals." 

Nicole, TX

"I had spent thousands on ADHD coaching, but Think Time has helped me get better results at a fraction of the cost. When I started Think Time, my business took off!"

you be you.

You shouldn't have to wait until someday when you "have it all together." Bring your true self to the table, and...

Start Now

start today

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You don't have to go for your goals alone anymore. 

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