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transform your ideas and goals into actionable steps so you can get results

You have a dream,

but you cannot make it happen.


You have a dream, but you have real obstacles.  Sitting down to create a plan seems impossible.  It's frustrating to keep putting off what you know could make a huge difference in your life. 

We know your dreams are important and it should be easy to create a plan and get results. 

That's why we created an easy to use Think Time Planner that helps you clarify your dream and create a step by step plan so you can map out your ideas and goals, create actionable steps, and get results. 

Stop wasting time not pursuing your dreams and wondering when or if they will ever happen.  Transform your ideas into actionable steps with the Think Time Planner so you can stop only dreaming and start taking action so your ideas and goals happen!  

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Yearly Undated Planners

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90 Day Undated Planners

The Planner You Need to Succeed

Here's How It Works:

the process that brings progress.

1. Dream

Clarify your dreams and grow in self-awareness with creative thinking 

exercises that move you to action.

2. Decide

Choose your best ideas and transform them into actionable steps so you can get results.

3. Do

Do your best work over the long haul as you implement top performance strategies in your day to day life.

+ Review

Appreciate today and make tomorrow great by practicing regular gratitude and self-reflection.

What Are People Saying?

"Think Time is more than a to-do list.  I feel more satisfaction with my everyday life and feel immediate calm and clarity."

-Mary, Mother of 4  Young Children
"I love the long-term timeframes.  They help me calm down.  I can see that I am getting things done!"

Professional Artist
"Think Time helps me save my company time and money by helping me take action.  With clarity, I move forward confidently on my projects.  Without clarity, a project can sit on my desk for weeks." 

-Evan, Engineer & Entrepreneur

Start Think TimeTM and succeed.

think time planners

Immediately apply the Dream, Decide, Do, and Review Process into your life.​  Just get the planner and go for it.  DIY instructions + basic online coaching are included with your purchase.

$32 - $58


think time courses

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Boost your results with online self-paced courses full of actionable steps that will help you go deeper so you can get  results.


think time trainings


Boost creativity, productivity, and self-leadership in your people.  


Invite Christine to create and deliver a custom​ implementation plan for your team.

Don't let your dreams slip away. 

Life on autopilot will only get busier and busier, leaving your dreams behind. Think-Time Planner gives you the action steps you need so you can visualize your dreams, create a clear plan, and take effective action. 

You can experience more opportunity to achieve what you've always wanted with a little think-time.

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