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Hi friend!  


Do you find yourself distracted by the demands of life--unsure how to move forward with purpose?  It's overwhelming to have so many choices in life and to not be sure which direction you want to take.  


That is why twice a year, I release the Think Time Dream Book.

The Dream Book will help you get the clarity you need to move confidently toward what matters most.


It is unique in its approach in that it will not only ask you the right questions, but it will guide you to complete exercises with methods that help you boost your focus, motivation, and energy toward your goals.  No one is talking about this, but the way you think about your goals when you create them greatly impacts your results!  

With the 2020 Dream Book, you will get the clarity you need to succeed.

So, we need your help.  Before we finalize everything, we need to make sure we have covered everything.  That is where you come in.  Please take 1-2 minutes to answer this super short survey--there is really only one central thing we want to ask you...

What are the top two things that could keep you from pursuing your dreams this year?  If you could overcome these two obstacles, how would your year be different?

Click here to answer.

Thanks so much!

Hi, I am Christine.  


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and creator of the Think Time Life-Coaching Process.  


My passion is encouraging and empowering you to hold onto your dreams just a little bit longer so you can fully live your irreplaceable story.

If you don't live your dreams, who will?

Life is moving fast.  It's frustrating to not be able to find the time to pursue ideas and goals that matter to you.


We have developed a process that helps you focus on your ideas and goals--even in a distracting world.


You can achieve what you've always wanted with a little think-time.


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